12 August 2008

I live(d) in Blade Runner

Nothing special for the photograph today, but it gestures at something so central to my mythology of the City. For six months 06/07 I lived in Clerkenwell (aka sexy warehouse architect land) in a big council highrise full of more yuppies than council tenants. The area was... odd, actually, despite the hype. It was a little lacking in basic necessities such as a decent supermarket, hell, even just a newsagent open when I wanted the Sunday papers. A little too quiet after hours; it had City looks, but not City buzz. It didn't really feel homely, but nor did it feel anything else.

But one thing made up for all that. Up on the sixth floor balcony, walking towards my flat's front door, I had this view - the Barbican towers, their dark jagged concrete forms disjunct on the skyline. Not so close (about a kilometre away) and, on a sunny day, not so foreboding - but still a gift because they let me pretend, just for a few seconds as I walked towards the door, that I was living in Blade Runner. In my heart, that is what the City is about.

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