14 November 2008

Choked up

The weather has been ropey this last week, and bang! look at its effects on the systems of the City. So it's been raining. It's bloody November, of course it's been bloody raining. But can we deal with it raining? No. People stop walking and cycling and take to their cars, they jump on buses for the shortest of journeys. So everything snarls up, King's Cross is essentially stationary, and buses don't go anywhere any more. I find this isn't terribly helpful... This is what I am looking at for 20 minutes at a stretch:

God forbid, I may just listen to certain of my friends and get a fucking fixie, hipsterrific as they are. I do not have the space in my teeny tiny flat for a bicycle, and nor could I possibly be restricted to clothing practical enough to ride in. But the way these guys talk about cycling: the way awareness extends in space and time as you slip through this shifting system of road-cars-pedestrians-destination-enironment-self; the physical challenge (and the phenomenal lean grace of their bodies, more real than anything gym-built); the speed and satisfaction... Their eyes light up, their speech is poetic, enthralled, persuasive. Perhaps there's something in it...

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